Jobs for Jocks: How to Prosper Beyond the Sports Arena

Jobs for Jocks: How to Prosper Beyond the Sports Arena

Jobseekers who want to earn a good living after retiring from the sports arena have the opportunity to pursue several attractive careers that their experience makes them perfect for

Finding a job that matches the high-pay grade a retired sports professional typically enjoyed throughout his or her career is not always easy. On the other hand it is important for athletes to understand that they are coming into the work scene at an advantage over others because they have unique abilities and talents and have already proven that they are driven to succeed.

What is more, while some jobs are drying up fast due to the current economic crises, for retired sports professionals the outlook for 2020 and beyond remains bright.

There are 3 jobs topping the list for ex-athletes that promise lucrative income and a great life-style

The ex-athlete's goal should be finding an occupation that he enjoys that enables him and his family to enjoy a comporable lifestyle to what they are used to. They should be secure, enjoy great pay, have their own home, a private pension, paid vacation, plenty of family time, and the opportunity for advancement. Not only are these 3 jobs well-paid with plenty of opportunity for advancement, they have no glass ceiling and the company offers the opportunity through the Entrepreneurship Program for these employees to open their own business for even greater income earning potential.

Here is the list of the Top 3 Jobs in 2020 for retired sports professionals.

Top Job #1: Bodyguard


When we think of the job of a bodyguard, probably the qualities that first come to mind are someone who is big, not-to-be-messed-with, oftentimes dangerous, and usually multi-talented... So if your career was a former linebacker for a football team, this should be right up your alley!

One can clarify the basic duty of a bodyguard is to protect a person or persons of interest. However, not everything is so simple. This duty is divided into many large and small functions, which must be performed qualitatively. Working as a bodyguard is a very responsible profession.

This job is for someone who is use to staying in top physical shape year-round because the individual will need to be able to perform in a variety of different environments as well as to take actions based on instincts and second nature. In a crises situation, life or death can be determined in an instant, and the effective Bodyguard will know how to assess a situation within moments and take decisive action in order to secure the safety of his client. Often the transition from athlete to Bodyguard takes some training, for example, the individual will need to learn how to use his environment to his advantage as well as how to make connections wherever he is going so that he has allies to support him in a crisis. Communication is often key to survival, and often management of personal must be coordinated so that a client’s life is not put in jeopardy.

Paired with a great salary and unmatched benefits, this is an outstanding career for someone coming from a pysical and strategic background

Top Job #2: Mentor


Usually, a mentor is someone who has achieved something in life, someone who had a goal and obtained it and is now ready to give something back to the community. This describes retired sportsmen and women very well.

A mentor should have compassion and possesses the attributes of a good teacher or coach and having spent sometimes as much as 30 years close to coaches these athletes have themselves been practicing and picking up on the skillsets required to be excellent mentors. Furthermore, because communication skills are so key, and because those coming from this background have excellent abilities in this area, this also makes jocks great candidates for this position. A good mentor's goal is to help individuals find success and satisfaction in their chosen profession. Good quality mentoring requires the empowerment of the mentor to develop their own strengths, beliefs and personal attributes.

By presenting the mentee with what it takes to be productive and successful, they demonstrate the specific behaviors and actions needed to succeed in the field. Remember, a positive attitude must go both ways. It is important to always treat your mentee with the highest professionalism. And by the way, good mentors are very hard to find, which makes those who are cut out for this line of work both highly sought after and well compensated

Because the lifestyle is good, the wage is great, and the benefits are superb, this career of Mentor comes in a close number 2 on this list.

Top Job #3: Recruitor

The Recruiter is perhaps the most valuable resource a company has in order to attain its desired and projected growth. It is the recruiter’s responsibility to both attract highly skilled and qualified candidates, as well as to match those candidates to positions that will help both them and the company’s they become a part of flourish. This position is especially suited for sports professionals who have had careers on sports teams. These athletes have developed uncommon abilities to be personable, to be pursuassive in their speech, and to make things happen.

Because Recruiters are so vital in the world of business, their labor is well compensated making this position as lucrative as it is rewarding.


For jobseekers who are equipped with these talents these jobs provide the opportunity to begin advancing in a career that will be profitable and that will make a difference in the lives of others.


Far from a dimming horizon with a lowering glass ceiling, the future is actually looking quite bright for those exiting the sports arena and entering the job force because there are a number of well-compensated positions that match the talents and abilities of athletes. In addition to the high monthly salary that these positions afford, these job packages also come complete with social indemnity, a guaranteed social allowance, a modern home, paid vacations and company bonuses, including additional earnings of $36,000 for the best employee.

It is true that there are some aspects of these professions which will need to be mastered before the ex-athlete can officially begin work; happily there is a Profitable Career Program that offers quick, intensive courses to prepare employees for their positions and they can begin work in their chosen fields in as little as 3 months.

It does not take 4 years at an overpriced college to attain one of these careers, the courses in the Profitable Career Program that train individuals for these careers are practical-knowledge based, hands-on, last no longer than one year, and are always focused on actual job tasks that come from the real world. You can find out more about the Profitable Career Program here.


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