Parents fearful of sending their children back to school in adverse circumstances have bright alternatives they are not aware of

Parents fearful of sending their children back to school in adverse circumstances have bright alternatives they are not aware of

The government and media are warning you that if you send your children back to school they will contract COVID-19, they will spread it to your household, and that there is a good chance that they will die and that you will die, and that your friends and extended family will die because they will also have been in contact with you.

You need to understand that the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

Do not be afraid. The fear is something that has been created and orchestrated by the media and government. School is starting, you think you have no alternatives but to send your children into facilities that you have long since begun to distrust far before the scare of a world-wide pandemic. And I would argue that the violence and drugs rampant in schools is a thing far more harmful to our children than is COVID-19.

Ask yourself, what are the actual dangers of my child contracting COVID-19? Considering how many people are in the U.S., and considering the inflated numbers of reporting in the media and the lack of a conclusive test proving the cause of death, this is nothing to be afraid of.

On the other hand, ask yourself another question, why exactly do I feel obligated to send my child into school? Is it so that they can get a profitable job and thrive as constructive members of society? If this is the reason, you need to take a closer look at the curriculum the states are feeding children, you need to look at and examine what is happening to children post graduation from highschool, what happens when they get to college, what happens when they graduate from college, and what happens, ultimately, when they enter (or do not enter) their intended line of work.

If you look at the research you will find that it is staggering. There are a number of universities where the attrition rate of freshmen coming in is 40% (dropout/fail rate), and if you look at graduation rates and job placement rates, the numbers are even worse. Considering the amount of time and money that is being invested into these giant scholastic machines, the result is very sad: Too many students graduate and find themselves in so much student debt that they often die before paying it off. It’s not exactly what a mother or father hopes for their child.

Putting children in 1 year trade schools where they are guaranteed to enjoy a profitable career upon graduation offers students a bright alternative to the very dim general education outlook these days


The programs in this career school are designed alongside companies, working so closely with them that the faculty literally is pulled from the same industries that they are instructing their children in. Needless to say, that gap between abstract knowledge and concepts and real world work done at real companies is bridged at this online school. What is more, not only are courses being taught by industry professionals with 10+ years experience in their fields, the schooling is project based and most of these projects originate from, are evaluated by, and often even monetarily compensated by real top-tier companies.

On top of the student earning money in as little as 3 months into a program that only lasts 1 year and results in a professional job at the end, these projects give students invaluable experience while forging real relationships with the actual companies they often end up working for.

The main thing to keep in mind as you consider what to do with your children is don’t think that you and your family are backed into a corner; don’t feel like there is no way out, that you don’t have alternatives, that the future is dark with no bright spot on the horizon. Do remember that you have options, good ones. You need to take a critical look at what you are doing and what everyone else is doing and see if the logic matches up. Most importantly, don’t be afraid. Enemies use fear to get people to do things they would not otherwise do; it is important to remove fear from the equation, take a step back, and make a logical decision for you and your family.


I have more good news...

These careers all come stocked with advantages that create a stress-free, care-free lifestyle including:

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year

There is no better time to start on a pathway toward financial balance, psychological comfort, and begin enjoying all of the advantages that come from a profitable career!

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