Companies increase demands on employees to work remotely without providing the tools to be successful

Companies increase demands on employees to work remotely without providing the tools to be successful

There are a number of jobs where employers are demanding their employees continue work from their home.

When employees ask how the same work is to be done from home without resources, the boss says, “improvise.” Well you can improvise for a week, 2 weeks, 1 month, maybe even a few months, but many employees have now been “improvising” since winter and many feel like their hands are tied behind their back, that they simply do not have the tools they require to do a good job.

When new challenges arise in your career, you have to find ways to surmount them


For example, if you are a teacher and are attempting to negotiate between partial online and some ground-based meetings, and if you are trying to navigate this problem using nothing more than email and a few online resources, this is why your head is screaming in pain and you are living with so much anxiety.

What you need is a web platform where you can organize your classes and a virtual classroom where you can meet with all your students. For example, such a virtual classroom would not only give you all the tools you are familiar with in the classroom such as a Smart Board, neat pockets for students to submit their work, a grading system, etc, it will also give students all of the tools that they are familiar with, such as a desk where they can see you and your Smart Board from, a virtual notebook with tools to take notes, and lots of other easy to use necessities, such as the ability to pass notes between students and work simultaneously on group.

The Virtual classroom is just one example, there are also Virtual Office Spaces and a host of other platforms that can be easily customized to get you working in a way that is more familiar to you and that more closely resembles what you are used to.

Don’t think you have to suffer and complete your job without the tools you need to do a good job. You have to think a bit more long term and start planning ahead. Say to yourself, how can I make this job easier in the coming months--because the months are coming and there seems to be no end of the crises in sight. Invest a little time and effort into streamlining your workflow and you--your boss, and your clients will all greatly appreciate it!

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