They want you to surrender your business… Don’t!

They want you to surrender your business… Don’t!

They have said the world is just too dangerous and you cannot go to your business to continue your livelihood--at least not now. Wait a few weeks… see if the world somehow gets safer…

Did you listen?

When they say you cannot congregate with family and friends or that you cannot congregate at church, or that you have to postpone this or that business venture because it’s just too dangerous, did you listen?

They say COVID 19 is a pandemic that they will mobilize the military and if you are not willing the military will make war on your body and take you to the hospital and inject you to save the world.

It doesn’t matter what they say what matters is how you respond and that you are taking the actions that need to be taken in order to continue to provide for yourself and your family.

You are an entrepreneur--you cannot let them destroy your business. We face a strange reality where the mainstream media including CNN celebrates the destruction and looting of big businesses in the US, such as Target.

When the law is not there to defend you and when the mainstream is out to destroy your prosperity then it is time to protect your business by partnering with trustworthy and powerful allies.


Also you should understand that the reality is that you have nothing to fear, and in fact those who are trying to take your business away from you actually fear you. Because you the people have power and for those with power the future is always bright.

The future is what you are going to make of it and you cannot make it on your own, you need a force and tools behind you that is going to work with you to help you achieve prosperity.


Now is not the time to sleep, it is the time to wake up and take decisive action.

There has never been a better time to be independent and work with a powerful partner utilizing powerful tools to make money. The way you should see this current situation is that every crisis presents an opportunity and you need to ask yourself how you will respond to this opportunity.

I hope you don’t choose to respond by doing nothing-- to sit idly by waiting to see how everything “ends up” or worse relying on the government to swoop in and save you from your crumbling financial situation.

That isn’t going to happen, never has and never will.

So what’s next? If you don’t have a profitable job, choose to start a new profitable career today. If you do have a profitable job but the government says you are not allowed to work it, find a solution that enables you to keep your business open, and one way to do that is through a partnership program.

If you have an idea for a business that can help people in these troubled times, Quicksle can help you do that as well through the entrepreneur program. Or if you just want to play a supporting role, you can also do that through the affiliate program..

But you need to be willing to make a move, change your lifestyle, and take this bull by the horns.

Because if you don’t it is going to run you over leaving you none the wiser.

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