Santiago Vazquez's C.A.R.T. Program Promises to End Increasing Violence

Santiago Vazquez's C.A.R.T. Program Promises to End Increasing Violence

Looking objectively at Broward County, what does one see?

The community of Broward is being torn apart by violence and intensifying prejudices both real and imagined that are being fanned on all sides drawing a line between the police and the community who the police is needed to serve in order to prevent tragedies like happened recently at Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 children and teachers were killed.

The hopeful candidate to the Broward’s Sheriff’s office, Santiago Vazquez, has a solution to these mounting and catastrophic problems facing this community in his new CART (Community Awareness Response Team) task force that will change the way our officers interact with the public onscene creating transparency and advocating for the rights of all involved.

Incidents of police brutality are real but they can be countered with proper training focused on developing officers who stand with integrity and honor and who will be continually held accountable to the public through independent oversight in the CART program.

Santiago Vazquez’s CART program includes state-of-the-art training that will equip deputies with the skills needed to ensure that tragedies similar to the massacre at Stoneman Douglas and Hollywood International Airport that occurred under the removed Sheriff Scott Israel never happen again. Public distrust of the police will be remedied when members of the community routinely are involved on-scene giving the public a clear, truthful, and accurate picture of all of the important events even as they are unfolding so that the community and police rather than being seen as antagonistic toward each other, will be working hand in hand making ours a better and brighter Broward to live in.

CART training will focus on de-escalation, on finding common ground and peaceful solutions to the conflicts and fear that are driving our community apart under the lack of leadership of Sheriff Gregory Tony. Key at every level will be the intimate involvement of mental health professionals ensuring our deputies develop the sensitivity that is needed to carry out their duties to the public with the utmost care for all those they serve. Mental health professionals will be involved in the training and routine evaluation of all deputies as well as to advise those deputies on scene making sure that de-escalation is achieved through continually making the best decisions and acting upon them.

Broward is richly endowed with natural resources and as a community we have every advantage of every kind; the only thing that can keep us from prosperity is hatred, fanned, real or imagined. A strong leader in Santiago Vazquez with the CART program is needed to overcome the hate being hurled at us; instead of judging each other we will learn to advise and respect each other because Broward is one family and if we can see ourselves as such then we will thrive as we ought to.

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