The Deep State has declared war on your business

The Deep State has declared war on your business

How do you defend your business and go on the offensive in the face of an immense and powerful adversary?

First off, don’t think that anything is an accident.

It is not a side-effect of the fake pandemic that your business is now floundering and about to go under or is at least facing serious challenges.

This is not a side effect because the destruction of your business, financially or physically has been the intention the whole time. The world order wants you to go out of business and they are succeeding worldwide.

Why? First, because they don’t want your clients to be dependent on you anymore they want them to be dependent on them.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, they don’t want you to be an independent business owner anymore, they want you to be dependent on the government to.

It is the same old game that has been being played out in different theatres with catastrophic results for over a hundred years--governments pitting the haves against the have-nots, inciting riots, creating revolutions, and consolidating power.

Realize right now that this is only the first wave of attacks and that if you fight to keep your business open there will be more waves of attacks. They want you to surrender and for your business to go under.


We have all known that business is not a playground it is war and if you sit in a time of war without making necessary defensive preparations or even preparing effective countermeasures then you are dead. Your business will flounder.

We have all studied a bit of Sun Tzu the art of war, we know to look at other businesses who share our same demographic as enemies, we know how to position our products and services in a way that is even harmful to our opponents so that they die and we thrive. What we all need to understand is that we absolutely have to be looking at governmental restrictions in the same way whether it was banning cigarettes from bars that have mostly smoking clients, or now this much more obvious attack of banning clients from entering our stores or severely limiting the number of clients who can visit us or setting curfews or any other restriction which effects our profitability

How pleasant is that dining experience going to be when that four-star establishment cannot seat you in their dining hall anymore but is forced to only offer their expensive entrees in plastic to-go containers? How is that date going to go when both of the potential lovers are wearing masks, or perhaps even more awkward, when they have to sit at separate tables to obey “social distancing” restrictions? That is going to be an awkward bit of flirting indeed.

How is your business going to prosper when the whole media is united against you banging on the drums and saying “stay in your home” to your clients on the one hand, and then supporting protesters who are looting your establishments and burning them down on the other?

This is the situation we find ourselves in and the question is how are you going to respond?


First they made you close your business and then they let you reopen it with restrictions. It has been months and your clientele who had the habit of stopping by your establishment on their way to and from work, lost the habit. Maybe because they themselves lost their jobs and they are not passing by your establishment anymore. Or maybe they themselves are facing new financial hardships and are unable to afford a visit to your shop.

Understand that this is not a game this is your livelihood. If your intention is to wait for government orders and you are only going to “react” to what they tell you, if you are going to sit back like a lame duck and do everything the government says and not drastically re-thinking your business you are dead.

When they say you need to close your store, let them know they have no right to do so.

When they allow looters to destroy your store, how will you respond? What will you do? Will you be able to rely on the police? Remember there is a systematic effort now to prevent them from coming to your aid. So who will you turn to? Can you continue to fight this battle on your own?

You need a strong partnership that is going to stand with you and defend your store. You need an ally who is going to sit with you and rethink your business strategies in the wake of these restriction nightmares--which will keep coming like volleys of attacks from an unforgiving enemy.

You cannot afford to wait to form new allies you need to make a move today.

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