Disrupted supply chains taking a toll on small business

Disrupted supply chains taking a toll on small business

It would be just another regular flu season, a few people getting sick, a few dying from the sickness--it would be normal that is if there were not subversive forces at work skewing numbers, reportedly killing patients, etc and with the excuse of acting in the public’s best interest, changing the rules that govern how people can do business.

It would be just a regular flu season but it is not because the authorities and media say it is not--and what they say and the actions they are taking are having a huge impact on small businesses.

Small businesses often rely on a few key suppliers from key locations around the globe. When these countries are suddenly deemed “unsafe” suddenly that small business is no longer able to get its supply.

It is a domino effect because now the customer who was relying on the small business and the business who was relying on the customer to stay in business are forced to cut ties. They lose each other and unfortunately it is not only for a short term duration.

Because the customer still needs the product regardless of whether his old business connection is still able to supply it.

So what happens?

That customer is forced to go someplace else. That customer develops a relationship with a new product and a new company.

Now regardless of whether that country is “reopened” for shipments enabling the small business to continue its operations the customer has already likely moved on to another relationship. The effect for the small business is catastrophic. Not only is the small business not able to make up for lost funds, it now no longer has the customer base to even start recouping those funds because it has also lost its customer.

The mainstream tells us we all need to get ready for a “New Normal”


And that “New Normal” directly effects a business's ability to reach out and attract new clients--let me explain.

People will always get sick, there will always be flews, there will always be problems of one sort or another. The “New Normal” therefore has nothing to do with the fact that there are now sicknesses in the world--there always have been. The “new normal” refers to how the powers that be are going to demand that we the people put up with increasingly tightening restrictions on our freedoms of speech and ability to conduct business.

The new normal means that if the government says it's not safe for you to do business, then you had better stop doing business. The new normal means that if the government or big tech don’t like how you are doing advertising, they can pull your ads, shut down your media channels, essentially muting you and cutting off your ability to contact your clients or reach out and make new ones.

But listen, before you quit, don’t.

You don’t need to let disrupted supply chains kill your business, what you need to do is to start thinking creatively, strategically and outside the box. The new normal means that you have to outwit the powers that are attempting to shut you down.


What you should do is form powerful alliances to make sure that you are not without support, not without supply chains, not without a variety of suppliers, not without a variety of ways to communicate about your product. You need to work with an ally that understands the difficulties of these tough times and will help you meet the challenges of the day so that instead of having to close your business’s doors because you don’t have the funds to keep the lights on you can instead open the doors to new business ventures and become even more profitable than before.

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