The Bodyguard: Living the high life

The Bodyguard: Living the high life

When we think of the job of a bodyguard, probably the qualities that first come to mind are someone who is big, not-to-be-messed-with, oftentimes dangerous, and usually multi-talented.

So what exactly does a bodyguard do?

It is immediately worth abandoning the stereotype that personal security is an indicator of status, prestige and wealth. Often, bodyguards are needed to protect individuals who have important government roles as well as important roles within the company.

And what is the job of a bodyguard? A skilled and competent worker must be calm, physically strong and, most importantly, attentive.

But what describes the job description about personal guards? It is unlikely that the bodyguard will be hired without adequate education and training, that is why the very best bodyguards come from the very best courses.

These courses guide the student through the acquisition of licenses for carrying out his professional activities such as carrying weapons and driving various classes of vehicles. In addition, the bodyguard must be aware of the content of a large number of regulations and rules, and be able to apply these rules in practice. The personal guard is subordinated to the head of the security service.

And the qualities of the bodyguard are... what exactly?


It is not enough to have a single strong constitution. You have to be very smart, maybe even a cunning person. Bodyguards are often secret, inconspicuous persons. He should be able to dissolve into the crowd, to notice what others do not notice - even the smallest things. Only through increased feelings and the ability to anticipate danger can an activity be achieved by a bodyguard.

One can clarify the basic duty of a personal guardian: to protect a person or persons of interest.

However, not everything is so simple. This duty is divided into many large and small functions, which must be performed qualitatively. Working as a bodyguard is a very responsible profession. There is also a job description for this boat, in which the tasks showed the following:

  • - competent execution of the functions assigned to the employee;
  • - vigilance throughout the day;
  • - taking measures to eliminate threats against the protected person;
  • - focus on their work, prohibiting the distraction of external factors;
  • - the use of decisive, competent and coordinated functions in the event of danger or threat

And the dangers of the profession are not a few


There are four types of hazards that bodyguards can expose.

They are classified according to reality.

There is the so-called "potential danger". It implies that the bodyguard profession is dangerous in itself. A target can be not only the protected person, but also his direct police. It is worth noting the so-called "competitive war" and its subspecies. The thing is, the higher the tension from "above", the greater the risk of danger to the bodyguard itself.

The next point of view is the imaginary danger. Its essence is already clear from the name: the bodyguard himself represents in his own mind a kind of threat. This situation can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, a sense of imaginary danger can be a good intuition. And on the other hand - the usual anxiety, which in no case should be subjected to a bodyguard.

The liability caused is a kind of danger that he can cause himself. Quite simply, the poor performance of a bodyguard leads to real threats and dangers that will be caused directly by the personal guard.

And, of course, the real danger. Explain this phenomenon does not make sense. However, it is worth mentioning that the bodyguard is always removed first, and only then an important person.

Because the role of a bodyguard is as exciting as it is lucrative, it is no wonder that slots for these programs fill up quickly

Those interested in applying for the course in bodyguard are recommended to register as soon as they can. Oftentimes students have to wait months for an opening if they do not register early enough.

The course duration is 1 year or less during which time the student will experience full immersion in many theatres of defense tactics. Practical exercises will be implemented throughout the year to both condition the body to perform in different environments as well as to make your actions and instincts second nature. In a crises situation, life or death can be determined in an instant, and the effective Bodyguard will know how to assess a situation within moments and take decisive action in order to secure the safety of his client. The course will train the Bodyguard to use his environment to his advantage as well as how to make connections wherever he is going so that he has allies to support him in a crisis. Communication is often key to survival, and often management of personal must be coordinated so that a client’s life is not put in jeopardy. First aid skills will be taught throughout the course, as well as how to improvise temporary measures when supplies are not readily at hand. The successful Bodyguard is also a businessman, and must never reveal anything about his client. He must be versed in espionage, counterintelligence, detective work, surveillance, as well as onsite security.

Being a BodyGuard is a satisfying and lucrative career as it is the affluent and influential who are in need of these services, and the BodyGuard is oftentimes more trusted by the client than even his closest family ties. At the end of this course you will have the opportunity to obtain a well-paid job through the Program for a Profitable Career or to confidently advance in your Professional Career.

Being a bodyguard is not your typical 9-5 job: It comes with advantages that create a rewarding lifestyle including:

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year

Let’s face it you have to make a living one way or another. What better way to achieve financial stability and comfort for you and your family than by improving the lives of others.

There is no better time to start on a pathway toward financial balance, psychological comfort, and begin enjoying all of the advantages that come from a profitable career!

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