How the right schooling can launch a life-long career as an actor

How the right schooling can launch a life-long career as an actor

How important are teachers to actors? How important is having the right course to an actor’s success?

Teachers are the most important asset for any actor. They teach you the first steps. Thanks to them you can have the courage and curiosity to move on, or vice versa. Acting students are like babies, they don't even know how to speak as they should, they don't know how to move, if you saw the actors at the beginning of the road in class, you would have the impression that they have locomotor and expression problems.

The truth is that teachers, and then actor colleagues, directors and so on teach you to let another live through you. It's hard, you have to give up pride, you have to let yourself be shaped, you have to learn to listen and feel. It hurts, many times. You may want to quit very easily. Acting is a painful process at first. It is difficult at first and uphill, but when you succeed, you seem to enjoy a different life, and things are not so difficult when you are in the right course with the right connections.

My mentors are the ones who have given me more or less of their experience. I am grateful to everyone, even if I personally hate some of them. The teachers give everything that they can, their life is literally in seeing the actors at the school thrive.

When students take on difficult roles for the first time, many of the teachers are so close to the students that they do not sleep at night, that is how much anxiety it causes them and how closely their success is linked with their happiness.

Can you be an actor without taking a course in acting? Are there people who, in fact, are born actors and do not have to attend any specialized school?


Of course anything is possible. And there are countless stories of people who have become successful this way. However, there are billions of people in the world, and the chance of standing out and getting noticed are very small.

Everything is about connections and mentorship and that is what the school provides.

The school is primarily for those who want to develop what is native, but also for those who want start from scratch. There are actors who have never stepped into acting classes in their lives, but they are much more talented than me. Some of them are limited to debiting jokes.

Honestly, I would not have become an actor without school, I fall into another category of actors: actors who learn to be actors. But I don't feel inferior, just different.

How hard is it to learn a new character? How does one master a character and what are the steps of the process of “appropriating” a character role?

Understanding a character’s culture is the most important factor in a character's development. Without a vast culture the actor is naked in front of a new character because he does not understand the context, he does not understand the relationship with the other characters and with himself, relevant elements for the development of the character.

There are many stages in the construction of a character. The first is related to the knowledge of the text, of the author, of the period or social setting in which both the author and the director place the action. From here starts the necessary understanding for the first steps. Then come the relationships between the characters, which are discovered through reading, through directing, but also through the initiatives of the actors, who already propose relationships between their characters.

Then comes the movement, moving the relationships discovered through reading in the spaces proposed by the director and set designer. Words receive gestures, actions, additional scenes not contained in the text, etc. It is the longest creative process until the premiere.

Does an actor have to fully identify with a character for a flawless performance? How, then, do you manage to get into the role of another character? At the end of several interpretations, how do you recover your identity? Do the actors still have their own identity? Or are they just the transition between two characters?


An actor has to accept his character first. They need to understand it, identify common elements and set aside their own characteristics that do not match. Thus is born a new man, who lives as long as the actor leaves him. The more you allow him to manifest, the more true your character will be

As long as he lives through you, the character consumes everything he needs to exist. This usually means energy, and not always positive. There are actors who let themselves be carried away by the character and went crazy. Most find the balance. Sometimes all the energy consumed and the mood acquired in the theater moves into real life. My wife made me realize how true this is.

Before and after the show, an actor who dedicates himself to the character needs a period of transition. That's why, after the show, many actors are not themselves, especially if they had difficult roles. Everything that hurts your character, harms you as an actor.

What makes it all worth while?

There are many people who watch a movie several times because they fall in love with it.

There are colleagues and teachers who live for you, breathe for you, dedicate their time, soul and body to convey something to you.

For someone just starting on the path to being an actor, where do you recommend they start?

At the right school with the right teachers. Becoming an Actor requires the very best courses, practice, and networking skills. /span>

The course I recommend is only 1 year, and very early in that process you begin acting for real roles and building a reel.Teamwork and effective communication with one’s peers and director, all of that is taught at the school, and at the end they know you better than your own mother and your career takes off with them. They are the ones who have been putting you in roles during your schooling, and they continue to do so afterward. They are absolutely vital to the process.

The career of an actor is not your typical 9-5 job: It comes with advantages that create a glamorous lifestyle including:

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year

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