8 reasons a tour guide is a bright career

8 reasons a tour guide is a bright career

The aspects that are the most enjoyable for the tour guide might be to many to name in a conventional list… so I’ve chosen the 8 top reasons that make this lifestyle so rewarding.

The aspects that are the most enjoyable for the tour guide might be to many to name in a conventional list… so I’ve chosen the 8 top reasons that make this lifestyle so rewarding.

I struggled compiling this list because the more I thought about it, the more numerous the reasons for choosing this career became.

Why do tour guides enjoy life so much? Well perhaps you will have a better understanding after reading this article...

1. You travel a lot

The first and probably most important reason why you got involved in this whole thing from the beginning, is of course the travel. The fact that you have the opportunity to see cities, regions, beaches, mountains, countries you only dreamed of before, says a lot and there are few trades that create the opportunity to see the world, flight attendant, pilot, soldier, distribution agent , etc., but none of them compare to the travel guide because if you have the opportunity to see cities, regions, beaches, mountains, countries, as a guide you have the opportunity to understand what you see. Let's call it a professional defect.

2. You get to meet intriguing new people everywhere and make lifelong friends


Whether we are talking about the tourists you guide, bus drivers, receptionists, waiters, chefs, souvenir sellers, hotel managers, security guards, local guides, etc., each offers you the opportunity to learn something. You get to make new friends, and with some you keep in touch even further to the point where you end up going out for a beer to relive precious memories.

3. You are constantly evolving

The job of a travel guide causes you a habit that you become addicted to. The habit of reading! If before I became a guide the only time I read something voluntarily was when I read the label of the producer on the beer bottle, once I started to practice this profession, I ended up reading more and more books, articles , posts, tourist guides, related to what they do or not. Whether it has to do with a tourist attraction or is simply contemporary literature, reading does nothing but develop me continuously.

4. You get recognition

Nothing compares to a row of frantic applause accompanied by sincere smiles at the end of a tour. It is the clearest proof that you have done your job well. And the sensation? The feeling is similar to that of the artists at the end of a concert and the audience cheers the performance.

Let's just say, however, that for a guide, the greatest satisfaction is not that he receives applause but when tourists want to thank you personally for the service you have provided for them, then self-esteem reaches Level 1000!

5. You learn to pack faster

Please take this issue seriously! I had a problem, inherited from my family, I think, in which I managed to make my luggage in a whole day! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it took me a long time anyway! Today, I can say that I have reached the performance, to pack my bags 10 minutes before leaving for the door. And this is really a reason why I want to continue to be a guide, so that I don't get used to it, because a longer time spent packing is equal to a longer stress and it's not good to add an extra stress before a city tour or a trip!

6. You eat more and more often in restaurants


For me it is a very good reason, because I like to eat at the restaurant and taste different dishes, and as a guide on a trip, you have the opportunity to do this very often. The longer the tourist trip, the better for the gourmet in you!

7. You learn the value of time

If there is something more precious than money then we are talking about time. You have no idea how fast time passes, from the moment you managed to introduce yourself to the tourists to break the ice and get to know them better until the moment when you have to say goodbye and thank them, everything goes by in a flash. You get to appreciate more the time spent with each group, especially if we are talking about a longer trip, 3-4-5-6 days, because if tourists feel that you enjoy being with them, they will love you and more! The downside is that you'll still be sorry it will end sooner than you thought…

8. When you enroll in a tour guide course, not only do they teach you how to run a tour guide business, they establish you in your career!

The tour guide course is 1 year. Covered in the course are all of the guides responsibilities, including how to make arrangements with agencies, transportation services, eating establishments, and a variety of managers and for this purpose, positive relationships with these entities must be established and maintained. Running successful tours require vision, planning, coordination, and execution skills. From every angle the purpose of the Tour Guide is to create a pleasant and hospitable experience for guests, and with every movement, conversation, and action taken on her part, this must be his ultimate goal.

You can find out more about the course and the job of a tour guide on the Profitable Career page.

The career of a tour guide is not your typical 9-5 job: It comes with advantages that create a stress-free, care-free lifestyle including:

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year

Let’s face it you have to make a living one way or another. What better way to achieve financial stability and comfort for you and your family than by improving the lives of others.

There is no better time to start on a pathway toward financial balance, psychological comfort, and begin enjoying all of the advantages that come from a profitable career!

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