5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Job and Start Living the Life you Deserve

5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Job and Start Living the Life you Deserve

Stress kills. It is the leading factor contributing to so many diseases and illnesses, the cause of so much human suffering and the main obstacle to being happy and leading a productive lifestyle.

Whether it comes from financial instability, pressure at work or a workload that is just too much for the human body to healthily complete…

Whether it is financial concerns that lead to uncertainty in your family’s future or whether it is an unfulfilled desire to contribute something of value to the world, the causes of stress are many.

Work-related stress can cause sleeplessness which in turn can lead to poor job performance and deteriorating health. Stress often leads to anger complicating our social lives both inside and outside the home; it leads to dissatisfaction with work and family and can lead people to seek stress-relief in unhealthy outlets resulting in substance abuse problems.


What’s more, when people seek comfort and relief in various unhealthy substance habits these outlets do not get at the root of the problem but instead provide only a short, temporary respite from the effects of stress--in the long term they increase stress and further complicate our lives at the workplace and home.

While there are certainly other factors that build up stress besides the ones we have discussed so far, all of the above mentioned factors are the result of an unhealthy job.

If your job is leaving you financially unstable and has been for more than 3 years, it’s time to seek other employment. More often than not, we know that these problems spring from the fact that our job is just not cutting it in so many ways. So why do we remain in these dead-end positions that not only increase the stress in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us?

The first reason is the blame game. We like to be tortured at work, to complain about our paycheck to others, and to then seek relief on the weekends via grumbling to friends while indulging in various outlets of substance abuse. Let’s face it, it is so much easier to blame others for our shortcomings than it is to face the ugly truth--if you don’t like your job or where you are in life, it is your own fault if you don’t do something to change the circumstances.

And of course, most often we know this as well which brings us to the next reason we remain in dead-end employment and deteriorating health conditions: our excuses. We have a thousand of them. We say, “I just have too many bills to take the time to seek other employment,” or we complain that we have children and so don’t have the time to make things better for them or ourselves.

We complain telling others, “If I had started younger, perhaps then I could have trained for a better profession. But now it is too late!”

Excuse, after excuse, after excuse, when the reality is we have free will and we have the ability to choose to change our lifestyles if only we are willing.

The answer to these problems is to stop blaming others and making excuses and to instead seek out work opportunities that offer financial stability, flexibility and time off, room for advancement, and a way to give back something to the world.


There are a number of high-demand positions that offer financial perks and a slew of privileges that solve stress-related health issues by eliminating the sources that cause them.

To name a few of these positions they are Web Designer, Sales Agent, Sales Manager, Model, Content Writer, and a host of others. There is a complete list of jobs offering incomes and perks that lead to a freedom of lifestyle that we all yearn after.

Make the decision to make a move today. Make the decision today to retrain for a position that will offer you a way to start living your best life now.

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