Turning Content Writing into Money: How Michael Clark Made Creating His Full-Time Gig

Turning Content Writing into Money: How Michael Clark Made Creating His Full-Time Gig

Michael Clark’s deepest desire was to write full time.

Truly believing this would lead him to happiness, Michael invested all his time and money into making his writing dream a reality by getting a BA in English from a “good” State University at the advice of teachers and parents who, like most Americans, believed a degree was needed to learn how to make a career out of your talents.

After graduation, it was time to make it or break it, but like most writers who go to a traditional University to learn their craft, Michael found that he knew nearly nothing about making a business of writing.

After investing 4 years and thousands of dollars in college, Michael would have to start from scratch.

And he worked hard at it, studied great writers, listened to podcasts on the business of content writing and startups and while his skills did improve at least technically, the money that trickled in from his blogs, stories, and first novel were not adding up to a liveable income. Not even close.

Michael’s friends—especially his 2 roommates who were essentially supporting him—complained that he wasn’t getting anywhere.

“I want this,” Michael defended himself. “And I’m willing to put the work in necessary in pursuit of my happiness.”

He held out another year, writing, reading, and content creating on a full-time basis until his eyes bled.

Then Michael began surrendering his dream by taking backsteps.

Michael took up a part time valet gig in the evenings while continuing to write furiously during the day. When the part-time gig was earning him triple what he was making writing, he found it difficult to refute the advise of his peers and girlfriend who all advocated his abandoning his dream for a full time job.

“I’m not cut out for a 9 to 5 cubicle job,” Michael told them. “I’m meant to create, to imagine, to contribute something meaningful to the world.”

At first when Michael surrendered to corporate America, he thought things would be okay and that the pay was not terrible. He married his sweetheart from University days and they seemed to be doing okay.

But it did not take long before Michael became extremely unsatisfied both financially and emotionally with his 9-5 job, and the reality was he had taken on more expenses than his paycheck could possibly cover. His family began to suffer.

Truth be told, Michael was in over his head in debt, and his corporate paycheck couldn't bail him out. He hadn't had a raise in the 3 years since he took his job and any additional income was coming from his evening “freelance work.”

That’s what Michael called the various, inconsistent, underpaid writing projects that engaged him sometimes well into the am hours. Michael ghost wrote articles to build brands of other writers and businesses and he wrote blogs for his website that he was unsuccessfully trying to monetize with failed tools like Google Adsense.

Michael knew something had to change, but he was paralyzed. By day he made his company wealthy while being compensated just under what was needed to scrape by, and by night he was practically giving his talent away to make other independent businesses thrive.

Michael knew he wanted to flip the table. To be in the position of one of the several businesses he wrote for, but how?

He certainly couldn't fall back on anything he had learned in the University, and what he had pieced together about making a living content writing since was patchy and simply put, not working.

That’s when he found Quicksle. “Do you really want things to change?” I asked him.

“I need them to,” Michael said.

“You can make content creation your full-time gig, you can absolutely quit corporate America and pursue your dream, make a good living for your family, and not have to suffer anymore.”

“You need a professional team behind you, a web team to optimize your efforts, a business team to help you with subject matter, promoters to push your work, tools to register these users as yours on your own writing platform, ways to keep them coming back for more and to profit from all your traffic, and I’m not talking cents. I’m talking about a lucrative business.”

Michael was fired up and ready for change when we met the following week to discuss his goals, vision, and assess his skills and business’s needs.

We set up 3 keys to launch his successful content writing business.

Key 1: Control the instruments that turn your writing into income streams.

Like a lot of independent content writers, Michael was using Adsense and literally making pennies for his work that added up to almost nothing. Michael had hoped the little monetary drips Google pushed his way would amount to a flood, but he was earning .0018 of a penny per ad click and to be honest, he didn’t even have a small puddle.

Quicksle put Michael in command of key income generating tools. While we designed Michael’s Writer Platform, he positioned banners at the top and bottom of the page that earn him 30 cents every time someone clicks on one—not the penny Google pays out.

What is better, when one of those 30 cent clicks leads to a sale, Michael gets 30% of the profit from that sale. With Google Adsense he was getting exactly nothing because Adsense does not pay for conversions.

Key 2: Tools to attract readers, register readers on Michael’s website and subscribe to his article feeds, maintain communication with them, and give them the opportunity to recommend Michael to their friends.

Simply put, like most trying to make a living content writing, Michael was having difficulty being found, building name recognition, creating loyal fans, and monetizing his readership base.

The solution was to own his own Platform and Content Writing Business. Affiliates and promoters push readers to Michael’s platform which we set up with reader registration, this way not only can his readers like his articles and interact with each other, he can invite them back for special discounts on products and services, games, contests and other great promotions we help him brainstorm and set up throughout the year.

We gave Michael tools to Highlight key lines in his blog and let his Users blast-share that content to all their social media accounts. That’s been great for generating traffic, clicks and growing revenue.


Key 3: A course where Michael learned how to properly structure a Content Website to maximize revenue, how to write search engine optimized commercial articles about products geared toward a commercial audience, and essentially build a business content writing.

Because traditional schooling taught him nothing about building a business in content creation, it was finally time for Michael to take an intense, focused program designed to give him exactly the real skills he needed to successfully build his business.

Michael learned design skills, branding skills, coding skills, and other skills essential in the business of writing.

From that day on Michael was out of the starting gate and has not looked back.

It took less than a month for him to set up his optimized website and now he is living his dream making a living of creating content. The best part is that in addition to having a fully-fledged writing business, Michael now has time to write novels—and with the tools he has obtained, he is building a growing base of readers eagerly anticipating the novel’s release.

Michael’s deepest desire has become a reality and following his business 24/7 to brainstorm ideas with him and work on implementing them, it is clear he is going to be hugely successful this year.

For Michael who had pursued happiness for so long, it has been really sweet to watch him finally obtain it.

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