Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in 2020

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in 2020

Jobseekers who want to earn a good living for their family and pursue a profitable career have several attractive options.

Finding a job that is well-paid and not a deadend in today’s work environment is not easy. Nowadays, students pay thousands of dollars for college degrees only to graduate and discover that their chosen field is either over-saturated with candidates or, simply put, not lucrative. Thus graduates entering the workforce end up drowning in student debt from the loans they took out to pay for degrees they thought they needed to obtain jobs that turned out to be low paying or non-existent.

Everyone is looking for opportunities to work and have a good income, but opportunities at the present time are dimmed: statistically speaking, drastically fewer people from this generation of workers will achieve their dream of home-ownership and a stable income as compared to the previous generation.

However, while old jobs are disappearing and the traditional college degree is becoming more and more useless, hope for 2020 in certain job fields is bright.

There are 5 jobs right now in high demand that earn a lucrative income and where a great life-style can be obtained:

The jobseeker’s goal should be finding an occupation that he enjoys that enables him and his family to live a comfortable, secure lifestyle with great pay, their own home, a private pension, paid vacation, plenty of family time, and the opportunity for advancement. Not only are these 5 jobs well-paid with plenty of opportunity for advancement, they have no glass ceiling and the company offers the opportunity through the Entrepreneurship Program for these employees to open their own business for even greater income earning potential.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Jobs in 2020.

Top Job #1: Web Developer

The web developer is at the front of technology and innovation. The position itself is thrilling: the web developer's skills of coding and building state-of-the-art websites and applications from scratch are highly asked for: Not only can every company benefit from someone with these skills, perhaps more important is the fact that companies have a very hard time―an almost impossible time―finding a web developer who actually possesses the skills that are required of him or her to do their job efficiently and correctly.

Because the position is in such demand and the talent pool so little, remuneration can be as much as $9,750 per month if the developer is experienced. And this is without taking into account bonuses, job perks, or the independent business that the company helps the developer get off the ground and build.

Top Job #2: Web Designer

It turns out that in 2020 beautiful designs and impressive revenue go hand in hand. This position is for individuals who are passionate about both IT and web design having both the skills to create exquisite designs on top of being fluent in computer languages such as CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CMS. Finding a candidate that has these combined skills is not easy for employers which is why skilled web designers with proven experience are reimbursed as much as $6,500 per month making this one of the top careers in 2020.

Top Job #3: : Page Developer

People in this profession have a knack for turning creative concepts into interactive, virtual masterpieces. Page developers have the ability to create multi-functional websites with attractive content, they can edit profesional pages quickly and turn imaginative concepts into actualized dynamic web experiences.

A good page developer has the ability to dazzle his or her clients with cutting-edge experiences that draw the participant into them and do not let them go.

Because this profession is in such high demand, good page developers who are experienced earn as much as 8,600 per month, besides bonuses.

Top Job #4: Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer combines technical prowess with the ability to create enticing, compelling designs that are clickable, eye-catching, engaging, and result in a high conversion rate. It is difficult to compete for attention in 2020 as it is getting harder and harder to wow clients with images and graphics that look so good they tell themselves and others that they have never before seen anything so visually appealing before. And yet this is exactly the kind of experience the graphic designer is asked to create on a daily basis―it’s in the job description.
Because of the intense competition and challenge unique to this occupation to remain on the cutting-edge, those who can fulfill this demanding role are rewarded with lucrative compensation.

Top Job #5: Content Writer


The content writer is a skilled wordsmith who has developed the ability to craft a title that creates intrigue that draws a reader into an article. Once there, the reader becomes immersed in a carefully crafted experience created by weaving words with images and other media to create dynamic, informative, and persuasive experiences. The content writer fulfills several rolls, at sometimes informing readers, at others teaching them, entertaining them, leading them, or selling to them.

Because of the importance of these rolls to the company the content writer who can fulfill them is reimbursed handsomely making this one of the top 5 professions.

There are millions of writers out there, but most are ego-driven and very few have learned how to skillfully weave entertainment elements into content pieces that are designed to inform readers, sell them services and products, and improve their lives through education. Because this skill is in such high demand, content writers make as much as $6,250 per month before bonuses and other perks.

For jobseekers who are equipped with these talents these jobs provide the opportunity to begin advancing in a career that will be profitable and that will make a difference in the lives of others.


Far from a dimming horizon with a lowering glass ceiling, the future is actually looking quite bright for those with foresight who are ready to choose a high-skilled job that is in high demand because these jobs are well-compensated and lead to stability for workers and their families. In addition to the high monthly salary that these positions afford, these job packages also come complete with social indemnity, a guaranteed social allowance, a modern home, paid vacations and company bonuses, including additional earnings of $36,000 for the best employee.

If the jobseeker has an interest in one of these professions but does not have the skills necessary for the desired position, the company offers courses for each job in their Profitable Career Program and their students can start working in their chosen field in as little as 3 months.

It does not take 4 years at an overpriced college to attain one of these careers, the courses in the Profitable Career Program that train individuals for these careers are practical-knowledge based, hands-on, last no longer than one year, and are always focused on actual job tasks that come from the real world. There is a huge bonus for students working under this model, and that is because the jobs are actually real, these tasks are paid for and so students find themselves within a few months already earning a good income in their field and once they graduate they are guaranteed employment. You can find out more about the Profitable Career Program here.

We need to stop insisting that our youth continue to make the same old decisions that are leading them to increasing student debt and a poor job outlook. We need to break out of old models of thinking that do not lead to prosperity and a better future for everyone.

Instead, people who want to achieve financial freedom and all of the advantages that come with having a profitable career should examine their opportunities before deciding on a career path. The job outlook for 2020 and beyond is indeed bright for those with the ability to see ahead and with the determination to make the most of their talents.

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