How to Make an Impressive Income as an Affiliate

How to Make an Impressive Income as an Affiliate

The Affiliate Program is an Opportunity to Take Control of Your Financial Situation.

For many, the wages earned from their dayjob don’t cover their monthly expenses. As a result families start falling behind on payments and begin to accrue debt making the situation even worse and resulting in stress that impacts the whole family.

Perhaps you do not have a degree or the proper schooling, or perhaps you have obligations during parts of the day that keep you from being able to work a regular 9-5 schedule; whatever hurdles you are encountering, Quicksle’s Affiliate Program is flexible, resource-rich, and provides the support you need to start earning a good income so that you can start living the lifestyle you deserve.

The program is simple, if you are approved as an affiliate you are given a variety of tools, instruments, strategies, and support so that you can start earning commission of up to 70% from the sales you facilitate with these tools. There are almost unlimited kinds of products and services you can choose to promote, and there are many different ways to facilitate sales. For example, you might choose to sell products through one of our partner sites, through your own social media accounts, or perhaps you have a blog or website of your own to sell through.

If you want to start earning a huge income even faster, rather than facilitating sales through consumers you can work directly with business owners.


For example, you have a friend who owns a small startup business selling scented candles for $30 per candle. To help your friend’s startup business you suggest she sells through the Quicksle platform, after which you will negotiate a 15% commission for each candle sold. In this case, after your friend's candles have been added and approved on the Quicksle platform, more than 7,200 affiliates will promote them through social networks, and your friend will be able to sell about 720,000 candles and you will have made around $32,000 in just a few days.

Two key ways to begin accruing income that will continue to increase exponentially are by bringing friends to make their purchases through Quicksle and by building teams of Affiliates.

When you register a user on Quicksle, you will make as much as a 70% commission on all of that user's purchases. This means that if you bring people who love to shop, you could make your living on just a few good shoppers but there is no limit to the number of shoppers you can register, you could bring a few, hundreds, or even thousands.

You can also easily build a team of affiliates who will register through you. This is a powerful way to increase your income streams because every sale that each of your affiliates make will count as a conversion for you and for each of these sales you will receive a commission of up to 15%. You will be able to track the sales real time from your dashboard and withdraw the money whenever you want. You can imagine how just having one good affiliate would be enough to make a decent income with, but again, there is no limit to the number of affiliates in your team.


Perhaps the key to understanding how to make a great living by building a team is the fact that each of your affiliates will be able to register new team members who will all be under you and from every sale that is facilitated by someone under you, you will make a commission. Now you can see how finding even one savvy affiliate could be the key to financial freedom for you and your entire family.

Affiliates have unlimited earning potential, enjoy the freedom to work when and where they want, and benefit from a host of perks.

Affiliates enjoy complete flexibility of their schedule as well as the luxury of being able to work from home or the office; they can even relocate somewhere within the country or take a position in a foreign country where they can master a new language and immerse themselves in a cultural experience that will change them forever.

There are a slew of advantages this program offers, but I will only mention a few of them here. Unlike your day job, you can track your conversions in real time through your personal dashboard and you can withdraw your money whenever you want (no more waiting for Fridays, yeah!). You have unlimited support from both company professionals as well as experienced affiliates, and you can also benefit from contests and raffles with huge cash prizes.

The most popular vacant positions for the affiliate are promoter, sales agent, and sales manager.

However that doesn't stop here, explore more vacant positions on the careers page.

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