How Sales Innovators are Motivating Their Teams to Crush Sales Goals

How Sales Innovators are Motivating Their Teams to Crush Sales Goals

Sales Managers are Charting Paths of Success While Fostering a Collaborative Atmosphere of Positivity, Creativity, and Fun

To be a sales manager one has to have leadership experience; one has to have first hand knowledge of what it's like to be in the trenches of sales in order to guide sales agents through the obstacles they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Many employees in various companies are stuck in ruts and they don’t know why, but oftentimes it is fear that keeps employees stuck and from fully committing on a new attractive opportunity. It is the sales manager’s job to identify talented sales agents, bring them onto his team and mentor them investing knowledge in them until they too become leaders.

Sales Managers form an integral part of Quicksle’s Affiliate Program because they facilitate both the activity of sales through sales agents and sales through consumers. Because of their value to the company, it pays top dollar for their efforts giving them the majority of what they earn and making sure they are supported to the fullest in all of their endeavors.

A sales manager’s job is busy because he has to make himself available to his agents, it is his personal responsibility that each agent has the tools and the knowhow to be successful, and in turn it is the company’s responsibility to make available all of the resources including top-knotch business advisors and technical support teams to ensure that the sales manager can be successful in this objective.

Because all sales managers are only as successful as their sales teams, they work tirelessly ensuring that each team member understands the art of the sale, from motivating clients to sell, to overcoming client objections, to closing deals

The art of sales is the art of persuasion and sales managers have to continually motivate their agents to stay on their toes instructing them how to telegraph their clients and thus stay several steps ahead of them. Managers train their agents to truly understand their clients’ needs because if they can do this then they can provide true solutions that will improve their customers’ lives. It is this relationship of trust that builds respect for the sales manager and his team and maintains customers’ high-regard for the company.

Sales managers should build large teams of agents, but more important than the size of their teams is the quality of each agent. A manager needs to be able to evaluate the ability of each agent honestly so that he does not waste his time on candidates that are not cut out for sales. Instead, a good manager focuses on individuals who he recognizes as having talent, and from these he will build a robust team, handpicking the best amongst them to become leaders who in turn will recruit agents under themselves, all of which will be under the sales manager.

Sales managers in fact are entrepreneurs, business-minded, always looking toward the big picture and working to attain advancement.

And as a sales manager there is plenty of room for advancement. As the manager accululates agents, identifies leaders who in turn pass on sales strategies and are responsible for these subordinate agents, the sales manager is creating a hierarchy building a more and more robust sales force on his way to becoming a Director. Sales managers, as they advance, earn commissions as high as 70% for every sale. For big ticket items like cars this commission is substantial, but the commission also stacks up in a big way for the sales agent on those small everyday purchases.

And in the very beginning of the manager’s tenure, it is from his own sales that he will be making the lion’s share of his profits, but quickly, as his team grows, the commission he earns from the sales of his agents will quickly surpass this because from each of their conversions he will be making as much as 15% commission. With even four solid agents, even if the manager was selling full time, it would be hard to generate more income for himself from his own sales than from the commission he earns from the sales of these four solid agents. Now considering that on the Manager’s way to advancing toward director he should be accumulating some seventy agents, as a solid starting point, one can imagine that the earning potential of the sales manager is great indeed.

Sales Managers should not just focus on big sales, by focusing on bringing in consumers under them they will make much of their profit off small-ticket items, such as oil and rice.

That’s because agents have the ability as affiliates to bring shoppers in under themselves who will be purchasing their everyday products through the company and its partners because through them they enjoy exclusive benefits including givebacks and unbeatable prices. Fast moving consumables including milk, water, bread, etc need to be purchased every day, and considering there is no limit to the number of shoppers an agent can convert, one can imagine how the earnings can stack up fast from these sales. If each of a managers agents bring 1 customer under him every day for 30 days, after 3 months of accumulated shoppers, imagine the numbers of shoppers that will be accumulated under that manager, and considering shoppers spend on average about $20 a day at their grocery store, imagine the kinds of earning the manager stands to make.

Sales Managers enjoy the freedom to work when and where they want to

While sales managers are busy directing their teams, they have complete freedom to set their own schedules as well as the luxury of being able to work from home or the office; they can even relocate somewhere within the country or take a position in a foreign country where they can master a new language and immerse themselves in a cultural experience that will change them forever.

The company offers 2 opportunities to sales managers to help them scale up the earnings that they are making with their sales teams

Join the Entrepreneur Program

Join the Entrepreneur Program

Get expert help, tools, and all the assistance you need to move your sales team to the next level and start your own sales business
Build Cross-Selling Platforms

Build Cross-Selling Platforms

Generate sales from approved sellers quickly and efficiently through your own advanced eCommerce Stores

The company’s role is to do everything it can to support the sales manager and make sure he is successful. Sales managers will be able to qualify for a host of perks and benefits including

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year
There is no better time to start on a pathway toward financial balance, psychological comfort, and begin enjoying all of the advantages that come from a profitable career!

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