Turning passion for interior design into a profitable business

Turning passion for interior design into a profitable business

Jessica Cricova, a young graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design program built a profitable business out of passion. With support from her school and armed with a lot of talent, energy and imagination, the path was laid out for her and she was able to achieve a profitable business

From dolls' houses and furniture to adult homes...

She discovered her talent at the age of five. At that time she built furniture from match boxes, and dresses for dolls from old wrappers. Later, she realized that she wanted to arrange housing for the elderly, housing in which to feel "at home". She was attracted to textures, but especially light, shadows and colors. In 2018, at the age of 24, she transformed the first space, an apartment for a couple, and fell in love with the profession, but especially with the reactions that customers have when they see the final product. That's how the Art Interiors studio came about.

"Could I live here?" - is the question that inspires me when I arrange a new space

What should the perfect home look like and how does it manage to transform a certain space into one that everyone loves? Well, Jessica revealed her secret to us: “(…) Every project I do is a combination of the wishes of the beneficiary, his lifestyle and my rediscovery in that space. I mean, whatever space I work in, I make it so that I feel good there too. I think this is the question: "Could I live here?", And then my vision of transposing the wishes of the beneficiary is much clearer. "

Over the years, Jessic has arranged apartments, terraces and gardens. She remembers all the projects she was involved in, because she learned something from each one. She does not make his plans at home, but is inspired on the spot. Each space is unique and transmits a certain energy. You can't come with sketches from home, when you know what the place looks like only from photos. You have to see it, feel it and let it inspire you, says Jessica. For those who want to have a welcoming home, the young woman has some tips: “When you start a home improvement project, the life style of the beneficiary is important because the interior of a house is an extension of our personality, a mirror. You have to take into account the colors, first of all, what color is assigned to each space.

I learned to be my own leader and take advantage of everything my school offered me in the way of support


Jessica who, over time, overcame all obstacles that stood in her way. The hardest part was the beginning. But he learned to anticipate possible problems and prevent them. She does not imagine that he could practice in another field. And when she walks the streets of Bucharest and sees the results of her work, she is proud of what she has accomplished. It's part of the city that's getting a different face now. For entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road, Jessica also has some recommendations. There is no recipe for success, but it is important to be good in a certain niche, to channel your efforts in that direction. The most important aspect of success is to involve yourself with the right school that is going to be able to support you and help you build your career, without the right school, success can be nearly impossible

You need to communicate clearly who you are and use the company and programs they offer to promote your business through websites, social media, business networking meetings, and partnerships. Perhaps by far the most important thing is communicating with the customer. You need to be flexible, clear and close to his needs.

The passion that gives rise to places of story

The most recent project in which Jessica was involved is one of the most impressive, as a result. A hidden green terrace, for one of the largest luxury hotel chains, right in the heart of Bucharest. One such place is the Caffe Citta restaurant, a relaxing corner in the midst of urban bustle. It's an Italian summer terrace. The white furniture and the surrounding greenery create a pleasant atmosphere, and tourists would not leave. The terrace was designed combining traditional elements with an influence of the Tuscan style, with straight lines, robust shapes, but also contemporary elements. The terrace is hidden from the viewer's eyes by white pots that allow the view both inside and outside. It's the perfect place for lunch, breakfast or even an evening cocktail.

The pathway to an exciting career in Interior Design is not Jessica’s secret, it all starts with an interior design course built to bridge the gap between the dream of designing and the reality of being a designer.

The course duration is 1 year or less during which the Interior Designer will master the art of hands-on design. To achieve this, a wide variety of both traditional and technological drafting tools must be mastered and included in the designer’s arsenal. Concepts will be covered that include architecture, the visual and decorative arts, restoration, and preservation. Students will learn to solve problems creatively, to adhere to building codes and regulations, and how to use advanced technology and equipment. Throughout the course you will be developing a portfolio so that you can stand out and attract top-level clients.

Interior Design is a profession where creativity and teamwork thrives and skills in this avenue can be put to use in a wide variety of theatres including commercial and residential. After the course you will have the opportunity to obtain a well-paid job through the Program for a Profitable Career or to confidently advance in your Professional Career.

Being an interior designer is not your typical 9-5 job: It comes with advantages that create a stress-free, care-free lifestyle including:

A private pension to give you peace of mind
A modern home for the comfort of you and your family
Paid vacations so that you can relax with your family
Awards and prizes including $36,000 to the employee of the year

Let’s face it you have to make a living one way or another. What better way to achieve financial stability and comfort for you and your family than by improving the lives of others.

There is no better time to start on a pathway toward financial balance, psychological comfort, and begin enjoying all of the advantages that come from a profitable career!

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