How nurses and their patients enjoy complete freedom

How nurses and their patients enjoy complete freedom

The nurse is the professional who assumes responsibility for the continuous care of the sick, the injured, the disabled, as well as those near death.

She is also responsible for educating individuals, families and communities to maintain their health. Nurses are also actively involved in health research, management, health policy setting and patient support both inside and outside of the hospital setting.

Nurses are also responsible for providing primary and specialist health care services to individuals, families and communities who have long-term healthcare needs.

In the world the nurse is one of the most diverse and respected professions in the field of health. There are more than 2.9 million registered nurses in the United States alone and a few million more worldwide.

Demand for healthcare remains high and forecasts suggest that such demand will increase substantially. Technological advances in health care, rising expectations of caregivers, demographic change, such as aging populations in many countries around the world, and the reorganization of health systems require an increasing number of nurses to meet these growing needs.


Although the origins of nursing date back to the mid-19th century, the history of professional nursing begins with Florence Nightingale. The well-educated daughter of a wealthy British family, Florence Nightingale defied social conventions and decided to become a nurse.

For centuries, medical care for the sick was provided at home and was the responsibility of families, friends, and community members, and the most comfortable place to receive care has always been and will always be the patient’s home and with billions of people on the planet, the demand for nurses will always be higher then the supply of them.

This gives the nurse the luxury of literally being able to pinpoint any city around the world to live in and because she earns a good income and plenty of advantages from her position, she can live there comfortably. Many nurses use this opportunity to spend some time in one region, getting to know a patient, the patient’s friends and family, the local dialect, and then saying a friendly goodbye and exploring a new region and making new life-long friends.

With so many benefits it is a small wonder that courses in nursing quickly fill up especially when those courses are paired with the ability to travel to any desired city and take a lucrative position anywhere in the world.

Being a nurse is more than a profession, it is a calling. Some of the advantages of this profession include a flexible work schedule and the ability to earn a substantial income.

The course duration ending in job placement in the city of the nurses choosing is 1 year or less during which the Nurse acquires hands-on training while being guided by experts in the field. Students are immersed in the knowledge of the profession. Patients include the elderly, the chronically ill, the disabled, as well as those recovering from accidents. Students acquire a range of skills including how to administer medications, document symptoms and keep careful records, detect changes in symptoms, communicate with doctors and family members, and much more. They practice critical thinking skills as well as how to react in crises situations. Personal Nurses master their craft so that they are prepared for a professional job in this fast growing field.

In addition to providing care, treating wounds and everything else their patients need, personal nurses are also their patients valued companions. Because of their unique relationship with their patients they often become closer and more trusted by them than even their closest family members. This profession calls for individuals who are compassionate, intuitive, and focused on healing others and for this reason it is both a lucrative and rewarding field to work in.

Throughout the course individuals develop skills to work in a range of settings and at the end of the course graduates take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a well-paid job through the Profitable Career Program.

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