How violence is being used to destabilize businesses and overhaul private ownership

How violence is being used to destabilize businesses and overhaul private ownership

The systematic demonstrations and organized mass violence are intended to continue to heat up social unrest to the point where the government can justify shattering every cherished freedom that is enjoyed under a democracy.

Those with money and power don’t like the fact that there are savvy business owners out there vying for a piece of the commercial pie and there are powerful, cutting-edge companies helping these entrepreneurs win.

In a democracy businesses can play on an equal playing ground and those business men and women with great ideas and good partners can and do win. The monopoly government-powered mega companies don’t like that one bit and that’s why they are inventing crisis to change the rules. First it was the Corona Virus which we haven’t seen the last of, and now it is all this staged social unrest.

So where is all of this orchestrated violence and these concocted viruses taking us?


For those of us who have studied history the end looks something like what citizens under Chavez’s Venezuela suffered or what the Chinese people currently suffer.

The aim is to establish a new normal where you and your business don’t matter because they don’t exist but the state does. And it will have thousands of goons and own all of production and say just how much everyone gets, which if you look at other commuist systems is not very much because in a world of state-enforced equality everyone loses equally.

It’s good old Communist equality where everyone is equally poor, equally suffering, and equally restricted from expressing freedom of enterprise, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

It is a terrible atmosphere for business and entrepreneurship. So what do we do?

We need to wake up and see what is going on around us. We need not to surrender our livelihood but to instead take control of our freedoms and businesses and save our homes, our businesses, and our family’s future. Recognize that there are alternative platforms to Big-brother social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and recognize that if your business is floundering, now is the time to reach out for a helping hand and form new partnerships to secure you and your business’s future.

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