How to take control of a created crises and prosper

How to take control of a created crises and prosper

Every morning whether we are sipping tea in Paris, a hot cappuccino in Milan, or cold milk in the Swiss Alps, wherever we wake up and find ourselves we will be confronted by red numbers indicating just how many new people have contracted the “disease” and which countries are leading the death tolls.

As if this COVID-19 was all some kind of a horse race and we were betting on which horse would win and not which country would be leading in the death tolls. These numbers jump off the page at us, we don’t look for them, they bombard us wherever we turn.

But just what do these numbers mean? Well, they mean a lot when we consider that the mainstream is using them to justify closing down our places of work and to do everything they can to take away our independence and make us totally dependent on the government because we find ourselves suddenly unable to earn a livelihood and at risk of losing our home, our car, etc.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What each of us needs to understand is that in every crisis (especially in state-orchestrated ones) savvy people will take advantage of the situation and turn the lemon they are being dealt into a vehicle to make money.

Yes, lemons can have wheels and be converted into sassy sports cars.

First off is to stop being afraid because there is absolutely no reason for it. Secondly start being creative and thinking about what are the new needs of people in this invented crisis and just how you can be the ones that meet these new needs. Because where there is a new demand there is fresh new money to be made.


One huge opportunity presenting itself right now is being created by Tech giants such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook who are imposing mass censorship on their users leaving people defunded and without a platform to turn to.

We’ve all heard stories of people being defunded, demonitized, censored, etc. They are losing their outlet they had relied on to generate traffic and increase sales.

The opportunity is to realize that these avenues were never really all that lucrative in the first place, let the big tech companies keep their silly platforms and take your following someplace else where you can start earning the lion’s share from your endeavors.

Let’s face it, how much income was actually being generated from the conversions on these social platforms? I’ll give you a minute. Get out a calculator and do a quick tabulation

If you’re like most people, if you sit down and work out how much time you actually spent engaging on these platforms and convert that into dollars per hour, you’ll find you were earning yourself less than minimum wage. You were doing all the work anyway, the little boost that these big tech companies provided is something to scoff at. So let’s scoff at it and look to the bright alternatives.


Now the key is that there are several new magnet sites that are the go-to places in the face of this crisis, they are the trusted places that offer more money-making potential than the older models and where those who establish themselves as the leaders are going to make a pretty penny profiting the most.

You can read all about the conversion rates which can be as high as 70% from activity generated by you on the Quicksle affiliate page. It’s time to stop being afraid and to create a social account on the Quicksle community page and start thriving in the face of fabricated adversity.

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