How to Build an Author Platform and Start Writing Full-Time

How to Build an Author Platform and Start Writing Full-Time

So you are tired of your day job and you desire more from life.

The daily grind has got you dreaming of another life, one where you call the shots and you’re not under the gun of the boss the majority of your waking life, where you’re not living paycheck to paycheck, stressed out during the week and dreaming of the weekend when you will finally, for a couple evenings, do what you actually want to do...

You know it’s not the life you wanted and that you only get one shot at this. There is no restart button in Life if you lose this chance and week by week, year by year, your life and dream are slipping away.

And so you’re determined to become a full-time author, you need to create to feel sane, and you want to contribute something valuable to this world and create a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

Realize right now that if you are just starting out or have been struggling for years, your attempts to become a full time author by promoting yourself on Twitter are not going to be successful.

You are in a pool of writers all doing the same thing, all self-promoting, all copying each other’s tactics, and you hoped you were building a readership of “followers” but you have come to realize that your following consists of a mixture of advertisers and other writers all competing for scraps of attention and dare I say… money?

You are fighting a losing war, my friend.

The trouble is you are having problems getting readers to discover your book, to choose to buy your book, and thus you are unable to fulfill your dreams of making a living as a full-time author.

Becoming a full-time author means you are going to treat your writing and sales as a business.

It is absolutely a mistake to think you can somehow launch a writing career by creating a Twitter following and randomly tweeting about your work.

It takes more than the author taking on the part-time, half-hearted, unskilled role as his or her own sales agent to become successful. To compete in the business world, you should have business advisors, a budget for advertising, commercials, readers, promoters, and partnerships with various companies selling products who will promote your work.

If you don’t have those things you can stop wondering why you are not successful because without these essential elements it does not matter how much time you spend on the “craft of writing” you will remain in the shadows as a hobby writer.

Don’t let the valuable hours upon hours and days upon days you are investing in your writing career go to waste―there are a few key foundational elements you need to adopt to turn your writing into a full-time occupation.

Creating the Author Platform

The platform should be updated with consistent content giving readers cause to visit frequently and check for updates and progress. That means you need to be updating it regularly.

You are a writer and so blogging is the obvious solution for your daily drip content that readers will be coming to your page thirsty for and sharing with their friends. One huge mistake author’s make is building their Author Platform on other company’s blog pages that they have no control over. This is disastrous because neither Twitter nor a Company Blog Page that you don’t own is going to let you sell books from their page, monetize your work through advertising, run big ads for your books, run email campaigns for you, or create and implement new strategies that require new code and functionality on the webpage. This puts you at a huge disadvantage to your actual competition (which by the way are not most of those bloggers or authors on twitter, but authors who are actually already selling thousands of books).

Perhaps the most important aspect of generating traffic should be coming from potential readers who have heard about your work and are looking up your author name or the title of your novel in a search engine, and for that to work it takes Search Engine Optimization.

SEO optimization is not simple, and if you want to compete with the best, it should be being done professionally and continually being revamped and re-optimized.

You need a tech team behind you to develop tools that help readers discover you, motivate them to learn more about you, inspire them to purchase your work, and encourage others to do the same. There are a couple key search terms you will need to capture right off the bat: your author name and the title of your book.

When readers are searching up your book’s title and your author name, you should be among the first search results, and by partnering up with Quicksle you will not only achieve this goal, your Platform will begin capturing other key terms related to your work, such as your hero or heroine's name, your chosen genre, and more.

You need to have control of your book’s title in Google Search Results, or even friends who you tell about your book are going to have a difficult time finding it.

Without your own space to capture and control those keywords, you will most likely never control them and the title of your book will be devoured by bigger sharks in the Search Engine Shark Tank.

For your book to appear among the first search results it may take a few weeks, but with a savvy tech team behind you it is not difficult. A popular title like “The Titanic” would take some time to claim in search results, so the title of your book should not already be a hugely popular recent movie or book release.

The business team can help brainstorm your title with you but the key will be the tech team whose job is to brainstorm and implement strategies in conjunction with you to make sure your title is at the top of Google search results within a few weeks.

Controlling and Creating Traffic with Your Author Name

In terms of your author name, if your given name is overly complicated, consider changing it for the sake of your business. Remember that marketability is key here and you should have a good sounding author name that fits your chosen genre (sorry, your given name may not cut it). You should have a blog on your page and as this gets updated and the company funnels readers to your page, it won’t be long until your author name is among the first hits in search engine results.

You can guest blog on pages to drive traffic to your page. But with Quicksle you won’t even have to because teams of Affiliates and Promoters will be working to share the content from your page, especially your blog, to make sure your page is getting a continual influx of new readers. And it is from these readers that you will be actually building a fan-base for your books.

Once you get readers to your Author Platform, you need a host of tools and strategies to turn those visitors into loyal readers, and that all starts with User Registration.

Quicksle will make sure you are getting an influx of new readers and that your Platform has User Registration tools to begin the process of making your platform a permanent go-to place for these readers. Through User Registration you will have the profiles of your users and be able to contact them via emails and notifications to inform them about new blog article releases, important novel updates, and other content to create continual buzz.

A powerful marketing strategy is using your Registered Readers in conjunction with Email Marketing Tools and the Raffle System to create hype.

One of the most powerful and effective methods of driving book sales is inviting your Registered Readers through eMail Marketing campaigns to register for a chance to win a free book or some other fabulous prize, perhaps a luxury vehicle that matches the make and model that your heroine drives.

These raffle contests can appear on more than 5,000 websites driving traffic to your page where they will find out about you, your work, and your upcoming novel.


Full-motion video ads for your upcoming releases are also a great way to separate yourself from your competition.


There are so many banner ads for novels that they sometimes get lost; hi-quality video ads for novels are more rare, and when these ads are designed correctly to create intrigue in your novel’s premise, running them at the top of your Author Platform can have a powerful effect.

When these ads are multiplied across thousands of channels on partner sites, the effects can be staggering, generating not only anticipation but also presales ahead of your novel’s release

What is even better is promoters who have a direct stake in the game will be sharing news and ads about your upcoming novel with all of their followers on social media, and this is how you create an explosion of awareness and excitement for your work, because these promoters only get paid on a commission basis per book sale they facilitate.

Coming soon… and let’s not forget the all-important release: Many author’s fail to realize that they should focus the actual sale of their books from their Author Platform, where they control the price, the reviews, and the media surrounding its release.

The platform should include a Pay Gateway complete with an Interactive Shopping Cart enabling readers to fill the cart with your books and other products or services you may be selling. Then they can do price comparisons before making their final purchase, saving those items they want to purchase later or are “coming soon” for another day. As an author you will inevitably be offering additional services, whether that be manuscript advising, copy-editing, or generating money and awareness for your work by enabling customers to book you for speaking events.

When you control the shopping cart, you control the channels of communication...

That means you’ll know which users are putting which of your books in their cart, which books their purchasing, and most importantly, which books they have excitedly added to their cart and then.... FORGOTTEN ABOUT!
It happens, but not to worry because not only can your Shopping Cart allow customers to store items for purchase later, this savvy cart can be programmed to send customers periodic emails reminding them about the novels they have left waiting in their cart. When you do put a novel on promotion, these users can be instantly notified prompting quick sales.

Perhaps the most pivotal element in making the book sale is customer reviews.

If you take anything away from reading this article let it be that you will never make a living as a full-time author if your strategy is to sell your books on Amazon for 99 cents, or worse, to give your books away for free in an attempt to generate a few reviews.

Quicksle will give you a host of strategies to accumulate reviews. Noone likes to buy and invest time in reading a book without seeing what other reader’s think about that book first.

When there are consistent high marks from readers with solid feedback, sales start to really take off.

We could talk for days about the absolute importance of your Writer Platform, but the last thing I will cover in this article is the importance of always creating hype.

You are an author, a creative individual with new, cutting edge ideas, and you need to be able to operate in your own space and play by your own rules―not Amazon’s, not Facebook’s, not Twitter’s, etc. Quicksle business advisers are eager to learn about your projects and start brainstorming marketing strategies that are right for you. It might be launching your book in conjunction with an online game, it might be creating a series of video ads or creating a contest with big payouts, but whatever it is, it takes a team to implement a big strategy in a big way and get the results that you need and are yearning for.

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