Enjoy Vacations, an Unmatched Benefits Package, Great Pay, and Fully-Booked Schedules as a Freelancer

Enjoy Vacations, an Unmatched Benefits Package, Great Pay, and Fully-Booked Schedules as a Freelancer

Company Freelancers enjoy the flexibility to work when and where they want to, a steady stream of gigs, and top dollar for their work.

Whether you are a web developer, web designer, page developer, web designer, graphic designer, content writer or have another skill that is in high demand, growing partner companies have a continuous need to create new content, websites, programs, client relationships and tools and instruments to continue to meet their growth targets and for this reason there is an unending stream of jobs that need to be completed by skilled freelancers.

For proficient, highly-skilled approved freelancers these companies will pay top dollar for the freelancer’s work. What’s more, the company takes a direct stake in the interactions between freelancers and its partner companies building relationships of trust so that freelancers enjoy fully-booked schedules while keeping their schedule as open or as limited as they choose.

The company’s Freelance Program is very advantageous and other freelance portals don’t even come close


The popular freelance portals online have a host of problems. Businesses don’t trust Fiverr because “Sellers” (read freelancers) are known for posting high-quality work in order to get gigs but then when they actually do a job for a client their work is of low quality. It works both ways because Freelancers do not trust Fiverr because not only are they competing for low wages, the payment for their work is not held in escrow and oftentimes clients cancel payments even after the freelancer has completed the gig.

Another popular Freelance portal is PeoplePerHour which is also riddled with problems. One glaring issue is that the portal is flooded with freelancers of varying skills all competing to offer their services at the lowest wages. This means they are literally fighting each other to get paid less. As a result, freelancers hurry on jobs sacrificing the quality and integrity of their work because if they do not complete enough gigs they will not have enough income to survive and as a result, good employers do not trust PeoplePerHour and avoid the site. On top of the already low bidding wars, PeoplePerHour takes a full 20% commission from the freelancer’s completed gig, which is a big bite considering the low pay.

Another huge disadvantage with many freelance portals is jobs are few and often far between. For example, on PeoplePerHour freelancers have to bid on jobs and yet they only are given 15 bids per month. With Quicksle’s Freelance Program the company intervenes directly treating all freelancers as individuals and with the appreciation they deserve and ensuring each individual has as much work as he or she is looking for.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of freelancing with Quicksle is that it offers full benefits and a host of advantages to its freelancers making them feel like family, something no other freelance service does. Approved freelancers enjoy a private pension, a house, vacations, the opportunity for advancement, and the opportunity to take a position as a full time job. Depending on the gig, there is usually the flexibility to work from home or the office; freelancers can even relocate somewhere within the country or take a position in a foreign country. Another advantage is they can track their earnings real time through a personalized dashboard where funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Freelancers also enjoy a unique opportunity to build their own business working in close relationship with the company through the Entrepreneur Program.


The Entrepreneur Program offers freelancers the ability to launch their own business with full support from the ground up. The business will benefit from technology, tools, instruments, teams of business advisors and programers at the same time as enjoying support in acquiring everything his or her thriving new business needs from hiring the right office staff to selecting a good office location. The emerging company will start in a powerful position because from the beginning it will be receiving top quality clients from partner companies ensuring that this will be a lucrative undertaking and well worth the new business owner’s endeavor.

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