Economic setbacks for Social Influencers due to Big-tech's de-funding and censorship

Economic setbacks for Social Influencers due to Big-tech's de-funding and censorship

No doubt either you, a family member, or a close friend of yours has now been defunded by YouTube or they have disabled your View Counter or taken some other action to begin to effectively sterilize all of your endeavors.

Whether your aim is sharing ideas, engaging in discourse, earning an income, or otherwise, for most of us, the ability to comment, monetize our channel, display a view counter, and other basic functions are a necessity.

Some people invest hours a week building their audience others invest hours every day, so when stages of censorship and defunding begin it can be troubling, even if it is not hitting you directly yet just your close friends.

What you need to understand is that you cannot afford to wait by idly fearing that you may be blocked at any moment but not taking any decided action to save your following and countless hours of work


First and foremost, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you have backups of all your content. When YouTube blocks you they don’t send a friendly letter first nicely warning you about what’s coming; the move on their part is an attack so you need to defend yourself properly.

Secondly, before the attack comes you need to begin casually letting your audience know where else “they can find you.” Warning here, once YouTube even suspects you are beginning to promote yourself somewhere else, they will speed up censorship efforts, so the utmost care has to be taken not to cause the channel moderators, the gurus that they are, any alarm.

Thirdly, you need to find an alternative platform that is politically neutral, that is devoted to preserving free speech regardless of the opinion, and where you can best monetize your activity.

In a free society people are free to express their opinions and when someone disagrees they are free to verse their disagreements; in a perfect world these disagreements would take the form of well thought out commentaries pointing out the flaws in so-and-so’s logic, correctly quoting them where appropriate, and then countering with logic or common sense.

Right now the game is being played with jack hammers, we are no longer even able to hear the opposing view because it is being taken down, in essence we are just left with what the main-stream media wants us to see and consume and if you have an opposing idea, or an idea that seems to not fit into the mainstream discourse, your voice is silenced through the censorship of your channel or account.

The alternative to fear of censorship is to switch to a platform dedicated to free-speech that has the best tools for monetization such as Live Tube


Once you’ve created your account with Live Tube, begin inviting your friends and someone will be in contact with you to help you monetize your following and all of your actions so that you can get up and going quickly.

Rather than the fractions of a penny that YouTube offers for the activity you generate, LiveTube is going to give you a real piece of what you are generating, starting at 30% but going all the way up to 70% as you build your following and they are active on your channel.

You cannot afford to delay your decision to solidify your following and start earning more, there is no reason to wait on the sidelines fearful of the Big Brother company, instead take action today.

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